[Yet To Be Housed]

So I have got this new, horribly mainstream obsession…

American Idol! I love it, I love it, I love it!

and I have to go right out there and say it- Casey to win!

Look at his cute face. Just look!

He is the best thing since Topshop and Brambley Apple Pie, he’s original and cute and (in my opinion) has the best voice ever and you can not imagine the state I was in when he was in the bottom three- dear lord you Americans with the ability to vote, are you crazy? Anyway I’m going to show you this cool ‘power rankings’ (which I think everyone probably knows about but in England we don’t have) and give you my bias and sometimes mean opinions:

The power rankings from this week:

1. James Durbin = #1

I actually really like James (he’s no Casey) but he is cool and sweet and that cover of Muse – Daynm! So I’m actually really quite happy with this, go American people- good taste. Seriously he would never be in the top in xFactor he’s tooo coool.

2. Scotty McCreery =#2

So he’s good, yeah. He can sing, he’s sweet- even with his crooked mouth. But second, really? Is this an American thing? Am I drawing too big a line between America and England I think I am? But there must be a difference, is country music really that BIG over there? S’pose it must be…

3. Casey Abrams =#3

What can I say. I think I’ve given my opinion. I love him a tad…

3. ↑Jacob Lusk= #4

I’m going to risk sounding really mean, but argggghhhhhhhhh… Jacob Lusk. It’s so boring? (Don’t get me wrong he’s loverly, lovely and sweet and he’s got a good voice but he’s just really so entirely boring)

5. ↑Haley Reinhart =#6

I didn’t really like Haley and then she sang Adele. I thought she was great, absolutely faba! So I think she should be a bit higher.

6. Lauren Alaina

She’s a bit Hannah Montana for me but she’s cute and she has a good voice so nothing against this one! But my sister thinks she rocks- she also loves Miley Cirus and Selena Gomez but she’d kill me if she didn’t get a shout out!

I just need to add that I also thought Paul was the tops!

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